Tariq and Lyndsay Shah
Local and International Missions Directors

Who we are

We are a local church family situated in a rural section of central New York, who love God and love people.  Our church is comprised of several different nationalities, such as Pakistani, Ethiopian, and Brazilian.  In the midst of a rural setting, we have many nationalities represented.  While supporting several different long term missionaries through out the world in nations such as, Brazil, Scotland, Kazakhstan, Kenya, China, Guam, and New Zealand, Resurrection Life Fellowship has also sent teams too many different nations over the years.  Some of the nations we have sent teams to are, Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, Scotland, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Thailand, and the Philippines.  We desire to make Jesus’ last command in Matthew 28:18-20, our first priority!

Vision statement

Our desire is to represent Jesus Christ well, by being a positive influence on people no matter their condition in life, both in our community and around the world.