Brothers and Sisters in Christ


Leaders: Harold & Laura Coleman

Meeting Date: Wednesdays
Meeting Place: Morrisville State College – Sheila Johnson Design Center Rm. 102
Meeting Time: 7pm



B.A.S.I.C. stands for Brothers And Sisters In Christ. We are a resource and equipping ministry whose goal is to outreach and provide discipleship to Morrisville State College. B.A.S.I.C. exists to supply training, conferences, resources, consultation, encouragement, networking, and missions opportunities to students with vision for the college campus.


1. A personal and growing knowledge of the Bible, the inspired and only written Word of God.
2. Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
3. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit as an essential part in the life of a Christian.
4. Worship and Praise fully experienced by following and obeying the Biblical pattern.
5. A living relationship and a commitment to a Local Church.
6. A personal knowledge of Destiny known by each student, realizing their important role in history.
7. Prayer, which is essential for Christian growth, and for effective evangelism.
8. Evangelism, by proclaiming Jesus and His love, with sensitivity and confidence.